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In life we are given the option to choose who to surround ourselves with and what to immerse ourselves with.  If you are in the space of wanting to conceive a child and bring a precious soul into your family, these beautiful heart-filled episodes will warm up your Holiday Season.

As a VIP Member, you will have exclusive access to some of Annette's upcoming events and you will also have the opportunity to watch the entire summit, from beginning to end, as many times as you'd like.


You can go back to your favorites over and over again, for months and even years to come - share them with your friends and loved ones.

What you'll get:

  • 15-minute consultation with Annette herself to uncover your unique energetic planetary vibration.
  • Permanent Access to Fertility & Spirituality Revealed Summit
  • BONUS: Hormone Balancing Workshop with Annette and Dr. Kara and Dr. Hillary from Cultivate Fertility (3 hour workshop with practical tips to balance your hormones, activate the vagus nerve and balance your entire system) 
  • BONUS: Q&A Expert Interview on Charting your Cervical Mucus to find your peak ovulation day, shared only with All Access VIP members

Gain lifetime access to these incredible interviews with healers, practitioners and experts from all over the world.

Tap into your intuition and access creative powers lying dormant inside of you right now to conceive your precious child!


Here's what others are saying who watched the summit:

"I must say that the kind of summit you are organising is really a need of hour and excellent service is done through this platform. Proud of you keep this work high." - Shweta

"My husband and I have absolutely inhaled these episodes and used every thread of knowledge and wisdom to impart upon our journey. My confidence and optimism is absolutely radiating at this point and I am eternally grateful." - Anjali

"Thank you Anette for this intense spiritual bootcamp. I loved it so much. I watched all episodes. It was just what I needed now so much. It really helped me to regain my belief and trust in myself and that I am able to bring a new life to this world. It also strengthened me that I keep TTC the natural way and have IVF only as a last resort. 🙏❤️💐 I am so grateful for you for organizing it and giving it away free! You are a truly generous spiritual person!" - Meagan

"This summit was a wonderful gift! Annette did an amazing job curating such an extensive and unique group of individuals, doctors, practitioners and energy workers ranging from the East to West...literally! I enjoyed so many of the talks and would highly recommend watching if you are TTC—especially conscious conception!" ~N.P.

"Very nourrishing. Many perspectives. Interesting matter and coach. many opportunity. Very generous. Thank you." - Marie

"Great talks :) thank you. I especially loved the talk about female/male polarities." -Roxane

"I loved it, it was a true blessing." - Jennifer

"Thank you so much for this beautiful summit , beautiful speakers, loved the Doula talk" - Connie

"Through my journey of TTC#2, this summit has thought me to be mindful of what I want - Baby #2 , and to not to be stuck on my current situation which will then free me from negativity. Also, very important, that my husband and I are in line with what we want. Otherwise, our future baby will not pick us to be his/her parents." - Stacy

"This was such a profound summit because the whole person is focused on and preconception is such a powerful window of opportunity to clear the way on all levels to support the high vibe souls to come earth side. I love that the Ayurvedic approach is foundational to fertility, as so much of what was discussed is what I hold so dear and has been a huge part of my childbirth practice. I can’t thank you enough for your devotion and all the effort you put into holding thisSummit. It will benefit many!" - R.

"I appreciate the work you put in to this fabulous summit. The interviews were meaningful, educational, and inspiring. Very comprehensive and deep!" - Michele

"I am very very grateful to you Annette for such amazing opportunity to find out ways of getting myself back on the right track in fertility journey of my life. So far I had 5 IVF protocols and no pregnancy yet. Many of sorrows and doubts I had after those unsuccessful IVF. Last one I had in 2018. Till now I was frustrated. I start to recover and your summit was just a huge blessing kiss of universe for me! No words could explain how grateful I am to you and to all who made summit available to everyone who needs help🌟" - Hilda

"Dear Annette, thank you very much for organizing this wonderful summit!🌞 I thoroughly enjoyed it as I learnt a lot of interesting things which I can use in my life now. Wishing you and your guests all the best!🙂" Snowwhite

"A varied program which will speak to women across their individual fertility experiences. This has opened my mind to the spiritual aspect to conception which i had not been exposed to previously. This has sparked my interest to continue my learnings." - Ramya

"I absolutely loved the summit. I found it informative and eye-opening and gave me some new ideas with which to think about my fertility, conceiving and having children. It's renewed my hope that it will happen in this lifetime." - Joanna

"The experience was not only eye opening but life changing. I now have a sense of direction and I’m more spiritually in tune with this process of trying to conceive." - Sharon

"This is one of the best series of talks I've listened to about creativity and spirituality - I'm 74 and was not interested in fertility - just the ayurveda and aspiritual aspects!" - Anonymous

"Amazing panel of speakers who each had such unique and profound wisdom. They shared amazing knowledge that was really helpful and inspirational that having a baby is possible."

"Oh, where should I start? Such a wonderful experience. This summit taught me that I can dedicate at least an hour/day for me only. I enjoyed every single session and I feel I learned so much. I am truly blessed to have come across this, Annette. Thank you for your generosity! This summit was such a treat!"

"It was a wonderful line up of speakers especially the The ones from india"

"This summit was filled with so many useful information, wisdom and useful tips and I can’t wait to incorporate what I have learned into my life. I loved every single episode!" Yvonne

"The summit came at a perfect time in my life when I really needed to be exposed to the knowledge and wisdom that these people shared. I am in the middle of a transformation and spiritual awakening process after a miscarriage so it really resonated with me. The best part was being exposed to the work of so many quality practitioners without having to go and search for them."

"It gave a huge scope of information to work with a healthy body, mind & emotions. And it was very inclusive for both partners to understand."

"The summit was very interesting, complete, emotional and fullfilling. It gave me more clarity and peace about my path to pregnancy."

"Thank you for great Summit! The pace was so much better than other online summits, with 48 hours for each episode. You are a very good host."

"The speakers were wonderful and I really enjoyed the array of different subjects they were speaking on. I thought you were great, always ready to help and answer any and all questions we had in the FB group. Overall, a GREAT experience, which is why I signed up for the VIP package. =)"

"eye opening-helped me relax and invite baby soul"

"This summit was wonderful and I am very appreciative for this opportunity to be able to watch the videos and there was so much incredible information. Thank you so much! I hope this all helps me to become a mother. I am currently in my 2WW after my 5th IVF cycle, 4th FET."

"The summit was fantastic. Thanks to Annette's thoughtful curation of knowledgeable speakers I started to think about my fertility journey in a whole new light."

 "My feedback - These interviews were really great. I didn't get to watch all of them but they inspired me to look further into my energy centers, spirituality and femininity. I've learned that I have stored trauma in my body and that I can take concrete steps to release and heal. Whether my spirit baby comes through or not in this life I know that this journey has not been fruitless. Thanks for your amazing work! I would love to follow you somewhere and don't even know how I came across your work to begin with - divine intervention I guess :)" - Summit Attendee!

We can't wait to see you on the inside!


What People Are Saying:

The two speakers that resonated with me the most were Claire Marie Miller and Michelle Alva. After watching the interview with Claire I tried the castor oil packs and actually found one of her fertility massage therapist near me. The massage was such an amazing experience and very emotional for me. She pointed out the fact that I seemed really tensed on the right side which indicates that there’s something I need to let go of. I knew exactly what she meant by that and immediately cried. Although I really wanted to conceive, I didn’t realize how much negative emotions I was harboring from the past. Most of the negative thoughts were past relationships, and mistakes my husband had made, as well as myself.She customized a daily affirmation along with some healthy habits and activities that I can implement and incorporate into my daily routine. Fast forward to Michelle Alva’s interview where I realized that I am not orgasmic and that I’ve actually been dealing with trauma that not only adversely impacted the way I think but also my reproductive health. I can’t believe it has taken me this long to realized that the lack of self love and creativity(I stopped dancing for years and hated my recent career) was causing a heap of health issues for me, which in turn has impacted my fertility and my overall life. I tuned in to Michelle’s YouTube videos- I did 4-5 of the meditation sessions including the ones on “forgiveness” and “healing ovarian cysts and pcos” and it has truly changed my life. Surprisingly, I haven’t had pain, I feel like a weight has lifted off my shoulders and I feel really inspired. I am inspired to pursue my life’s purpose, I want to start a business and also in the process of switching jobs; I have completely changed my diet, got rid of a lot of the toxins in my house, began belly dancing/exercising, and most importantly worked on my relationship with my husband. I spoke to my husband and expressed my feelings and he was very receptive and supportive of everything I shared. He was open to improving our connection. All of this happened throughout the course of a couple of weeks. I can’t thank you enough for using your platform to share the wealth of knowledge and information from all of the amazing speakers. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! This whole experience has not only changed my mindset but also possibly saved my life. I strongly believe I am more prepared today to be a Mother than I was a couple of weeks ago.

Nazzy R.